The art at the Brucstock festival is always a many-faceted experience, with not only a range of performances by local and international artists, video art cinema, workshops, 3D-projections, but also presents 2-dimensional art not normally represented at festivals in our temporary and open air Bamboo gallery (set in an actual bamboo forest!). The crown in the jewel the last years has been the Performance Walk (full video below). First set in 2013 and repeated every festival since, the hushed Sunday event brings both performers and audience out of the festival area and in to the beautiful forested area surrounding the Montserrat mountains. Participating artists are scattered, sometimes well hidden, through a nature trail, which the audience follow in a tranquil pace.

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Karpov not Kasparov (RO) ▲ Poetrip (RO)  ▲  Eskorbutaires del Bruc (ES) ▲ Francesc Llompart (ES) ▲ Tokyo twins (NO) ▲ Kepler nor Kopernicus (RO)  ▲  Dromedar (NO)  ▲  Truman Chance (US) ▲   DJ Whoremore ▲  J£ru$alem (NO)  ▲  Bollywood Iqualada (ES) ▲ Dream Catcher Collective (ES) ▲  Tove Elena Nicolaisen (NO)  ▲ Kaia Hugin (NO) ▲ Ingrid Torvund (NO) ▲ Mattias Härenstam (SE) ▲ Krister Kanck (NO) Rebecca Cusworth (UK) +++



Previous years:

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▲ From the opening of the Bamboo Gallery – with a performance by Alica Leibich (lower left)


▲ Jan Valentin Sæther with his installation from the Performance Walk – Before the festival kick-off, he also held late night fireside talks with students from Prosjektskolen


▲ Erlend Rødsten raises a tree in the forest during the Performance Walk


▲ Performance by Martine Karlsen from the Performance Walk


FULL VIDEO – Performance Walk ’16 (01:02:38):