While we’re anticipating the full program for this year’s festival, please enjoy videos from previous installments of Brucstock – including last year’s mesmerizing weekend with a record breaking audience attendance!




In this warping, ever-changing world, we are ready to again invite you to run away with us for a weekend of Brucstock Art and Music Festival – three mesmerizing days by the foot of the magical Montserrat mountains in central Catalonia. In this year’s edition we cover a lot of ground genre-wise for a small festival: You can expect indie pop, Japanese jazz, alt rock, organic electronic music, butoh dance, art punk, Catalan Bollywood dancers, dark cinematic soundscapes from Liverpool, all set amongst art installations and sudden performances and happenings in the garden of Can Serrat Art Centre. In addition to local artists, there will be artists from Japan, UK, US, Germany and Norway to perform at the festival – truly an international festival in both spirit and participation!

The festival area touches a beautiful natural park, and the surrounding area is very rich in history. The festival program acts as an organic composition between the natural surroundings and the artist’s contributions, concerts, performances, movies and workshops. Packed with great music and art in beautiful location, it is always the people of the festival that make all the magic happen. The festival’s international crowd, mixed with the local villagers, always manage to break down the distinction between the festival-goers and the performers for a more intimate festival experience.



Ominira DJ-SET (CAT/ES)
Somos Nakamura (JP)
Dromedar (NO)
Wasserfall & Vaage (NO/DE)
Truman Chance (US)
Teddy and The Love Gang (NO)
Foc Senglar Timbalers del Bruc (CAT/ES)
Dj Malungo (CAT/ES)


2  0  1  7 :
Confirmed acts:

Karpov not Kasparov (RO) Poetrip (RO)  ▲  Eskorbutaires del Bruc (ES) Meandering Tear (ES)▲  Ominira (ES) ▲  Tokyo twins (NO) Kepler nor Kopernicus (RO)    Dromedar (NO)   Truman Chance (US) ▲   DJ Whoremore ▲  J£ru$alem (NO)    Bollywood Iqualada (ES) ART PROGRAM: Dream Catcher Collective (ES)   Tove Elena Nicolaisen (NO)  Kaia Hugin (NO) Ingrid Torvund (NO) Mattias Härenstam (SE) Krister Kanck (NO) Rebecca Cusworth (UK) + more exiting artists and bands to be announced!

* * *


Previous years:

2  0  1  6 :

Dromedar (NO), Columna (ES), Maria Sant Fores (ES),  Poetrip (RO), Nakamura Yusuke (JP), Discordian Community Ensemble (ES), Eskorbutaires Del Bruc, Foc Senglar, Owen Kilfeather (IR/ES),  Laboratorio de Creación Colectiva (ES), Llanca Sosun (ES), Discunt (NO), DJ Whoremore (US), Vilar (ES), Synnøve G. Wetten, Marilú Martínez-Ruiz (ES), Red Pèrill (ES), Xavi Silveira (ES)

Video documentation of the art and music of Brucstock 2016:

Dromedar live:


2 0 1 5 :

Dromedar, Peter Pogo, Hilde Marie Holsen, Discordian Community Ensemble, Fallopian Tubes, Tatoke Serious, Dj Whoremore, Transylvania Motorcompany + Videoart/performance: Kaia Hugin, Kjersti Vetterstad, Valhallas Døtre, Rebecca Cusworth

Video documentation of the art and music of Brucstock 2015 (10mins):

2 0 1 3 :

Vertical Aerial Show (ES) ▲ Owen Kilfeather (IR/BCN) Soft as Snow (NO) ▲ Primo Gabbiano (ES) ▲ Kurde (GR/ES) Kakke&demonica + Bøyen Beng (NO) ▲ Megafon (DK/NO) ▲ +++ (Tres Cruces) (BCN)  ▲ Grela (BCN) ▲ Xavi Hurtado (CAT) ▲  Oriol Sanchez + Primo Gabbiano (BCN) ▲ Dromedar (NO) ▲ Can Serrat Resident Artists Action Painting Workshop ▲ New (NO/PO) ▲ Performances + Obres dels estudiants de la Prosjektskolen kunstskole (NO)

Film / Experimental & Screening
Mathias Härenstam (SE) Luis Macias and Adriana Vila / Crater Collective (ES) Gui ColleC and Las Barbas Indómitas (Miguel Puertas and Enrique del Castillo) (ES) Jordi Morató (ES)

Beatrice Presiado- Queer theories and Pharma capitalism (ES) Knut Østredal- Clown avant-garde (NO) Siri Tara- Moviemento (DK) Pilar & Pilaria – action art (ES)

Video documentation of the art and music of Brucstock 2013: