Plakat av Sofiia Nesterova

Update fredag 27.11 kl1800: Du kan nå besøke vårt virtuelle metropolis på denne linken! https://hubs.mozilla.com/scenes/TTEjMFN

Ved høy pågang kan det være at du må vente i lobbyen før du kan bevege deg fritt rundt i metropolen. Husk dermed å lukk nettleseren din når du er ferdig med kunstvandringen din, slik at andre besøkende kan se.
For best og mest stabil opplevelse anbefales det å bruke en laptop/stasjonær PC, men nyere smarttelefoner kan også håndtere denne virtuelle utstillingen tålelig bra.


We live in a time where physical contact for many is a rarity. Where we need to wear masks whenever we meet each other, to protect one another, to protect ourselves. Physical or metaphysical masks. Activities and spaces are closing down, and it’s getting hard to find things to do that doesn’t involve risks. Free Burgers Watch me Morphenables lets you dive into another parallel world, right here in Oslo. You will be able to look into the future, or explore other dimensions and possibilities! The exhibition is both a virtual and physical experience where you can enjoy different works of video art in 2D, 3D, through streaming, performance, Augmented reality (AR) and other internet projects by the students at Prosjektskolen in Oslo. On different spots in a specific area in Oslo you will find physical installations that give you clues about a greater complex. At these spots you will also find QR codes that will bring you to a virtual space where you can explore more content, which gives you more clues and places to go. You will find the virtual exhibition room on the 3D plattform Hubs by Mozilla.

Create your own avatar and find more clues about Free Burgers Watch me Morph! The physical version of the exhibition has two different locations; One screening is found by Akerselva, entrance from Vestre or Østre Elvebakke (behind Vega Scene/ Hausmania). The other is situated in the circular space at the lower part of Kubaparken, next to Fyrhuset Kuba.

Video av Sofiia Nesterova

There was a place so hot in a world where I once met my first ever true love. In moments of ambiguity I thought; grass is green, hard to choose whether or not to be an animal, it tastes so sweet. The giant (insert hot sauce) filled my wet cave, stone hard lizardland crept up heavens chandelier upside down. I want it. Unlike my father, finger-toes on elbows, my dancing tongue is made to fly. Who’s writing this? Sluts and burgers, five heads hanging side by side, buying each other’s Sacred time. Slaughter trucks, anti depressives, stuffing painful longing and furry shivers. I’m that animal who fucks your brain and dreams about your red hot hair balloon. I figured I might kill something, dandy lions and tiger lilies. I want to watch him shift into a girl and channel his inner (insert; secret). Hacked by weather reporters, blowing up the web with strong winds and no regret. We need to find him! They say “You’ll never find Mr.Red, unless you’re ready to face the face of the holy cow”. I once was a pink dog with an unfaithful stomach and horrible looping black hole portals. Now empty and so hungry, alone and afraid. What can you eat without being eaten up by pride? Only something that will eat you u. I’m eating your words, they taste so much like… ah… love. I can’t feel love, tell me what it is? I can’t feel imagination, it sucks the power of a thousand warriors flying on ten goat heads, they came from planet Mars. Tentacle horns reaching for sanity in a jar full of ants. I always loved ants (insert; what is love, baby don’t hurt me). I couldn’t pay off my mortgage land without them. It’s is an expensive place to live, but if you are crazy enough to kill my baby and frame it on the wall, i might give you a good deal.